Psychology: The Current Mood Sentiment

One of the most interesting social media phenomena which ought to be studied is, what I like to call, the “current mood” sentiment. There’s quite a number of premature research and articles on social media culture, memes, etc…Yet I believe “current mood” pictures and posts are also quite relevant, and perhaps a bit ostracized, from that kind of research.

I found myself engaged in “current mood” sentiment-type posts on Facebook; it was quite unplanned actually – sometimes I just did not know how to capture, perhaps, complex feelings except through a comic photo or post. In fact, many of the images and posts I used (apart from being apparently funny) bear symbolic meaning – no matter how shallow that meaning may seem to be.

Maybe it takes a particular kind of audience to fully comprehend those meanings in question, yet the factors which contribute to one’s understanding are still vague: is it simply familiarity with the language? Context…? Is there some collectively shared understanding of these images and the feelings they produce? It may be several of those things, and even more, yet there is an interesting opportunity here to explore this phenomenon further that should be seized.

Till then, enjoy this gallery of “current mood” images.

Deadpool being Egyptian.
Picture of Fifi’s celebratory mood perfectly captures my heartfelt despair.
The entire scene from “El Nazer” reflects the state of the Egyptian weather on that day.
The universal sentiment of frustrated university students.
On that day, the weather sucked and people sucked as well.
This image accurately depicts how screwed I am.

5 thoughts on “Psychology: The Current Mood Sentiment

  1. i think the “current mood” trend is completely different from the “meme” trend
    whereas in the “meme” trend you create a common meaning that you share and spread and hence later recall that creation of yours in your mind whenever anyone uses the meme later,
    in the “current mood” trend you in fact just employ memes, or quotes, or figures, to describe how you feel , I mean you expect your audience to know them from previous familiarity

    sometimes is familiarity is long like Fifi Abdou and everything about her LOL
    or short , like short scenes I usually see circulating as GIFs of movies I didn’t watch, but the caption or facial expressions of the people in the GIFs, gives a certain meaning

    memes are used in comics, quotes are used in comics
    memes are used in current mood statements/claims, quotes are used in current mood statements/claims

    im just saying the category of current mood statement is like comics : the utilization of memes, quotes, known figures or shared moments


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