Awkwardness: 10 Things About the State of “When You’re So Stressed That You Can’t Even…”

1-You skip writing an intro to your blog post. You just get to the point right away. Literally.

2-You’re too lazy to elaborate on your points.

3-The most exciting thing you’ll do today is go to class.

4-You’re not stressed about your future anymore. You already accepted the fact that it’s going down the drain.

5-You don’t have the energy to socialize with human beings so you act like a lazy awkward potato.

6-Your spirit animal is a lethargic cow.

7-Your life currently be like…


8-You feel like an 80 year-old stuck in a young adult’s body, yet your brain functions like a toddler’s.

9-You feel highly offended at everything that is being said and done around you before you’ve had your first AND second coffees.

10-You’re too stressed to stress about how much stress you’re stressing about.


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