Poems: Setting Anger Free

Having the freedom,
To scream your lungs out –
To angrily yell,
In the face of the world,
As hot tears,
Stream down your face –
To pull on your hair,
Until it tears –
To shove everything off your desk,
To break the furniture in fury –
To punch the walls,
To punch the people,
Who try to calm you,
(If there are any) –
To scream some more;
To scream the most horrible of obscenities;
To just become an animal for a moment –
To reach the climax of rage,
Before inevitably melting,
Into unsettling calmness,
With a shivering body,
A disturbed mind,
And a broken heart –
That is the sweetest,
Most liberating,
Kind of freedom,
You can never have.


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