Random Thoughts: Our Souls

I was thinking about souls lately, for some unknown reason – as I mentioned: random thoughts. I was wondering about so many things, but mainly the relationship between the body and soul.

Souls are mysterious; they’re not tangible, unlike our bodies. We have no control over them; unlike our bodies. Our bodies get fat, thin, cut and bruised, plastic surgery, and so on…We can alter our bodies in many different ways because we simply can; of course other alterations happen on their own because of nature, genetics, etc…

On the other hand, souls are not tangible; we can’t see them, we can’t touch them, we can’t feel them (can we?). What do souls look like? Do they look like us? But our bodies are constantly changing, so are our souls constantly changing to exactly resemble them or do they exist in a different form? Do they look so drastically different from our bodies, to the point we can’t recognize them? We know our bodies are essentially flawed because a lot of times we’re never satisfied with them; is it because we strive for perfection, and souls basically exist in that perfect form we’re seeking?

Do souls have a biological makeup like us? Do they have a separate existence which can qualify them as individuals? Does our individuality even come from our souls, our bodies, or the environment surrounding us? When we say that souls are “within us”, are they literally within us? Where are they? They might be around us, but perhaps the soul is an entirely different existence on its own; one which has its own thoughts and feelings. Is that an explanation to why we get internal conflicts and contradictory thoughts sometimes? Because our brains are thinking of something, our hearts are feeling something else, and our souls have a completely different mindset on their own…?

When we’re happy, unsatisfied, anxious, elated, furious, …are these all because the soul is in reaction to something or because the body is? Does the soul experience what the body experiences? Are feelings just the soul’s reactions manifesting themselves through our bodies, that’s why our bodies sometimes feel awkward and overwhelmed with them?

Is the soul the reality and the body the social construction, but because we’re all preoccupied with social constructions (bodies) we never get to experience the reality (souls)?


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Our Souls

  1. ( ويسألونك عن الروح قل الروح من أمر ربي وما أوتيتم من العلم إلا قليلا ( 85 ) )
    سورة الاسراء
    ذكر السهيلي الخلاف بين العلماء في أن الروح هي النفس ، أو غيرها ، وقرر أنها ذات لطيفة كالهواء ، سارية في الجسد كسريان الماء في عروق الشجر . وقرر أن الروح التي ينفخها الملك في الجنين هي النفس بشرط اتصالها بالبدن ، واكتسابها بسببه صفات مدح أو ذم ، فهي إما نفس مطمئنة أو أمارة بالسوء . قال : كما أن الماء هو حياة الشجر ، ثم يكسب بسبب اختلاطه معها اسما خاصا ، فإذا اتصل بالعنبة وعصر منها صار إما مصطارا أو خمرا ، ولا يقال له : ” ماء ” حينئذ إلا على سبيل المجاز ، وهكذا لا يقال للنفس : ” روح ” إلا على هذا النحو ، وكذلك لا يقال للروح : نفس إلا باعتبار ما تئول إليه . فحاصل ما يقول أن الروح أصل النفس ومادتها ، والنفس مركبة منها ومن اتصالها بالبدن ، فهي هي من وجه لا من كل وجه وهذا معنى حسن ، والله أعلم .


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