How-To: How to Survive Finals in 20 Easy Steps


Finals’ season is coming up, so I thought of sharing some of my study tips so everyone can benefit from them.

1 – Wake up early and take the first bus which goes to university.

2 – Get coffee; depending on the quality of your sleep, you will decide what kind of coffee you need (double shot espresso if you got minimal sleep/pulled an all-nighter).

3 – Sit at your designated spot in the library. Every successful students needs their own designated spot at the library.

4 – Take everything you need out of your bag and just stare blankly as you’re trying to figure out what to start with.

5 – Open your laptop, check your social networking/social media websites, email(s), online games, and the weird side of Youtube.

6 – Open Soundcloud to turn on your ‘study’ playlist. Decide you’re sick of your own songs and open Youtube playlists instead. They suck as well.

7 – Your friends start to arrive and you start talking to them, completely ignoring everything you need to do…for about an hour or more.

8 – Go to the bathroom because the coffee started to kick in.

9 – Shut your friends up, plug in your earphones, and start working!

10 – Start with the assignment, project, paper, final, etc…which is due/taking place the last day because you don’t have your priorities set straight. You still do a crappy job.

11 – Go get food because you’re too damn hungry by now.

12 – Sit down and continue working because your friends left for their classes.

13 – New friends come over and you start complaining about how much you have to do and so little time to do it. You fake cry together.

14 – You start scratching your head and staring at the rest of the work you have to do, then sighing heavily – all throughout the process you’re turning to complain to your friend.

15 – You feel distracted when you see your crush; he/she is effortlessly studying, and he/she is working hard – of course he/she is because YOU are not on his/her mind!

16 – Get up and start walking around the area he/she is studying in. You go back to your place because you are obviously failing at getting his/her attention. What did you think? We’re during finals!

17 – You feel your class approaching so you rush through whatever work is due the soonest. You do a crappy job but you don’t care.

18 – The assignment is finished so you reward yourself with a half hour break. Go to the bathroom again because that damn coffee can’t stop acting up.

19 – Return and find the third bunch of your friends coming over to sit at your spot.

20 – Head to your class and try to enjoy this “break” since you have to go back to studying at the library after your classes are done. Leave university at a ridiculously late time.


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