About: Why am I Doing This?

I love to write. But I don’t. It’s a frustrating relationship.

Transforming thoughts into words is one of the most difficult things to do. Ideas pour out uncontrollably that you end up losing a lot of them in this process of transformation is. So it’s not writing which makes me whole, but the process of letting out my thoughts so new ones can come and take over. We all need that occasional mental flush.

Honesty is something I value; I like to talk about experiences honestly, but I also like to add some fiction. A little fiction can’t hurt, yes…? But I wouldn’t be honest then.

You have to understand, I’m not lying. That’s what I need to tell myself at least.

I will reflect on this world. My definition of ‘world’ is fluid and abstract. It’s inexplicable.

I’ll show you. There is no one ‘world’.


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